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Fabio first walked into the Applied Mindfulness Meditation program at University of Toronto in July, 2018. From the outset he was an exceptional participant and grew into a [mindfulness] practitioner...Fabio has combined his mindfulness meditation practice with the energy medicine of Reiki to create a mind-body approach to health, wellness, well-being and healing. Hearing his resonate voice alone is therapeutic and then there is so much more. I often sit in reflection with Fabio about the world we live in, and always come away feeling a lightness of being even with the most difficult of situations shared. He is a wisdom cultivator, a heart curator.

Dr. Michele Chaban MSW, RSW, PhD.

Founding and Former Director AMM-MIND, University of Toronto

Toronto, ON, Canada

A compassionate soul, Fabio’s dedication to his craft shines through in his every interaction. I was struggling with a medical condition and through his [Distance Reiki] practice I was able to find relief.

- M.P., Toronto, ON, Canada

I am a woman in my early 40s who suffers from chronic trigeminal headaches....I thought that since now I was in so much pain... it would be a good time to try [Reiki] again. From a distance, Fabio was able to help me relax allowing my body to release some of the additional stressors that might have contributed to pain indirectly. Fabio was very thorough, kind, respectful and non-judgmental to all situations and discussions. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for help with pain, stress or just an outlet to feel great inside and out.

- L.G., Oshawa, ON, Canada

I have known Fabio for many years as a colleague during our corporate days and then as mindfulness practitioner and seeker. Fabio is naturally kind, empathic, and compassionate. He takes great care in everything he does and cultivates positive and nurturing relationships. He embodies many aspects of mindfulness and truly 'walks the walk'.

- Rose Mina Munjee, Certified Mindfulness Facilitator, Mentor and Trainer

Toronto, ON, Canada

Fabio's authentic and generous spirit makes him an ideal Reiki practitioner. I was struggling with my health, personal and professional life and looking for alternatives to heal my emotional and physical health. Fabio's treatment helped me to release my mind and body from stress and anxiety. It helped me to start a new chapter in my life.

- R.L.,Toronto, ON, Canada

Thank you so much Fabio for your kindness and your wonderful energy.  Your Distance Reiki treatment brought me an amazing peace which helped me immensely in dealing with my health issues.  Thanks a million.

- D.C., Montreal, QC, Canada

Fabio is a caring and compassionate practitioner. While I was battling cancer, in the throes of a pandemic, much of my care happened virtually. The Distance Reiki was incredibly beneficial and helped me start each treatment session with an intention and the knowledge that someone was working alongside my body.

- Nancy Horvath, Toronto, ON, Canada

I visited RBW with an injury and some general anxiety. Fabio took time to understand where and what my issues were and he was able to help me relax and feel healthier and renewed. I would recommend Resting Bell Wellness to anyone looking to enhance their day-to-day wellness.

- A.M., Toronto, ON, Canada

As a Reiki student of the Sunstone Centre, Fabio began his journey in 2018 recognizing a call toward healing and a knowingness that stretches beyond this seen world. He has skillfully journeyed through the nine Reiki levels of mastery anchoring himself in the medicine of presence and heart-centred connection. In partnership with the Divine Yu Academy, he continues to learn the techniques and methods of bringing holistic Reiki treatments to his growing client base. Whosoever travels with Fabio can trust that they will be held with a care and a compassion that befits what anyone in search of wellness could ever hope for.

- GM Greg and GM Leigh, Sunstone Centre

Georgetown, ON, Canada

I experienced an emotionally traumatic event during my vacation and felt the need to cleanse myself of negative energies.

A friend suggested trying Reiki with Fabio because she knew his approach would best fit my needs. I was not disappointed, Fabio is kind and empathic, he grasped my situation without passing judgement and provided a tailored Reiki session that addressed my specific needs. It brought me calm and peace and helped me to finally put my trauma behind. I cannot thank him enough for everything he did!

- R.D., Toronto, ON, Canada

Fabio is a heart-centred Reiki practitioner and mindfulness coach. I have had the privilege of receiving relaxing and beneficial Reiki treatments from him that have aided in my physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. He treated me with utmost care and concern. His mindfulness sessions are very effective as well. They've helped me with emotional release and grounding me in the present moment. Fabio's practices have helped me with reframing my perspective on situations with less anxiety and stress, while encouraging a more positive outlook on life. His optimism and energy are infectious. 

- A.I., Toronto, ON, Canada

In recent years, one of my most impactful career moments was when Fabio ran a Mindful Leadership Workshop for my management team. Although sceptical at first, I was open to experiencing something new. This workshop changed me, not only in how I lead but how I understand myself. Fabio did an excellent job of easing us into the content with a meditation exercise that I still practice to this day. He helped us understand the principles of mindful leadership and challenged us through practical sessions, such as reframing problems, creating mindful team values and goals, and helpful mindfulness tools to be in the moment. Fabio created a safe space for us to share. His deep understanding of the content and his approach made this workshop extremely enjoyable but at the same time a great learning experience for me and my team.

I highly recommend it.

- Shawn de Beer, London, UK

Your meditation was seamless and perfect in every way. My staff and I thoroughly enjoyed it. You knocked it out of the park.

- Julia DeRose, Principal

Stouffville, ON, Canada

It was a really touching and meaningful session. The staff spoke really highly about it and we are very appreciative! We will definitely see you again. Thanks. 

- L. Barton, Principal

Newmarket, ON, Canada

I have been living with a chronic pain condition called Trigeminal Neuralgia. I was fortunate to meet Fabio on a visit to Canada. When I returned to Australia, my TN condition had worsened and my pain medication was providing little relief. Over the course of two years, Fabio provided Distance Reiki therapy at times when my condition became aggressive. After a few sessions with Fabio, my pain always decreased and returned to a manageable state.

- A.K., Adelaide, Australia

Fabio dedicated time to understand my needs and recommended both a 1-to-1 Mindfulness session and In-person Reiki session. Both treatments surpassed my expectations. This is one of the best experiences I've had and I'm definitely walking away feeling spiritually nourished, revived and with new hope and inspiration.

- J.R., Toronto, Canada

I have had the pleasure of several Distance Reiki sessions with Fabio. I was uncertain if Distance Reiki would feel as healing as in-person sessions and I was amazed to discover that YES, they do. And during the pandemic, to be able to take a break, lie down in my own bed and receive a beautiful treatment, has been a real gift. Fabio is gentle and kind and very dedicated. I would recommend a Distance Reiki session with him to anyone looking to slow down and connect back in with themselves.

- D.C., Toronto, Canada

Given our present circumstances in this time of stress and uncertainty, I felt that a combination of inner work and embodiment practice could be beneficial to me. I was so glad to experience Reiki with such a capable practitioner as Fabio. During my In-person Reiki session, I felt welcomed, comfortable, and that my well-being was his sole focus. I was surprised by some of the positive sensations I had, and by the sense of calm and inner peace that resulted. Fabio took the time to debrief me afterward, which was very helpful. My second session was a Distance Reiki experience. I was curious about how this would work, but readily engaged in a period of reflection at home while Fabio worked “with me” in his space. Once again, I was pleasantly surprised by the connections I felt, both with Fabio, but particularly within myself. In our phone discussion afterwards, I was further amazed to learn that a powerful image that spontaneously occurred to me during my reflection had a clear connection to the work Fabio was doing. These Reiki sessions were of significant benefit to my health and well-being, and I look forward to my next opportunity.

- M.S., Toronto, Canada

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