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About the Course

Join Resting Bell Wellness at the cusp of the Spring Equinox at a time of renewal and growth, as the vibrancy of mother nature and warmth of the sun fills our spirit with new life and inspiration, to begin learning about, and practising the Japanese healing tradition of Reiki.

This 2-day Reiki Level 1 Training event will take place online on March 19th and 20th.

It includes ~8 hours of Reiki teachings and practices, and you will get attuned to source energy to begin your path of treating yourself and others. You will also receive a course booklet and Reiki manual (either digital or hardcopy).

The benefits of Reiki include:

- Stress relief and relaxation
- Pain reduction
- General well-being and positivity
- Increased compassion towards self and others
- Balance - physically, emotionally and spiritually
- Better clarity and focus
- Stronger intuition

Reiki Level 1 is the first step to becoming a practitioner, and eventually becoming a Reiki Master (Level 3) in the Usui tradition, and Reiki Grandmaster (Level 9) in the DivineYu tradition.

Reiki Level 1 Online Training




2 days

Your Instructor

Fabio da Silva Fernandes

Fabio da Silva Fernandes

Fabio da Silva Fernandes is a certified Reiki Master Teacher who can train and attune anyone interested in becoming practitioners themselves in Reiki levels 1, 2 and 3 (Master). He is also a certified teacher of Holy Fire Reiki III. Fabio started his Reiki journey in 2018, and with hard work and dedication has built his knowledge and practice since then. He trained with Sunstone Centre and DivineYu Academy to attain his Reiki Master certification (level 3) in the Usui and Tibetan methods and Reiki Grand Master certification (level 9) in the DivineYu lineage.

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