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Consulting Offerings

In addition to our general services, Resting Bell Wellness also provides a range of consulting offerings to our clients, including curated mindfulness practices for team events, dedicated mindfulness support for organizations, and advice on cultivating resilience.

"Thank you...It was wonderful to have you share your knowledge & expertise...Your session was well researched & provided great insights about Cultivating Resilience. You were very professional...I especially enjoyed your meditation...would love to have you back..."

- Michelle Bancroft, MEd., BSc. Kin, 

Professor, Centenniel College

Toronto, ON, Canada

Guest Speaker: Cultivating Resilience

Fabio da Silva Fernandes explores the layered and complex topic of resilience in his podcast called, The Stumbling Spirit. Fabio draws upon the wisdom of guests, his own life experiences, and his wellness practice to share important insights on what is resilience and how to cultivate it.  


Price is scalable based on group size.

Guided Mindfulness Meditation Practices

Ground your team with greater focus at your next business meeting or team building event through a curated mindfulness meditation practice(s) that reduces tension and stress, and promotes an atmosphere of calmness, engagement and general wellness. 


Price is scalable based on group size.

Mindfulness Business Consulting

This personalized mindfulness offering gives you direct access to a knowledgeable mindfulness practitioner with an extensive corporate background who will introduce effective practices and propose new strategies to help you and your organization establish and maintain a culture of mindfulness.

Price is based on fixed number of hours worked per week.

Mindful Leadership Workshop

Learn to embody the attributes of a mindful leader in this inspiring customized workshop geared towards professionals in any position and walk of life. The intention of this workshop is to: introduce you to mindful practice; help you build a work culture of trust and collaboration; demonstrate the ingredients and benefits of compassionate leadership; discuss new approaches to problem-solving; develop mindful communication strategies, and more. 

Price will vary based on customization, workshop duration and number of participants.


Breathe. Bask. Be.

If you are interested in learning more about these consulting offerings please email or call +1 647 218 4322. 

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