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Reiki is the union of spiritual wisdom and life energy used to release energy blockages within your body's energy system. This spiritually-guided method of practice originated in Japan nearly 100 years ago by Mikao Usui/Usui Sensei. Reiki is a gentle hands-on treatment having the benefits of relieving tension and stress which can also be performed from a distance. 

Mindfulness is a collection of contemplative grounding breath-centred and heart-centred practices which when used on a regular basis with the right "intention, attention and attitude" (as per Dr. Shauna Shapiro) helps with anchoring you in the present moment, self-regulation (being reflective rather than reactive), minimizing judgment and increasing compassion towards oneself and others, and rewiring the brain resulting in better moods and healthier thought-patterns.


Mindfulness has existed for thousands of years and is present in many faith traditions. Popularized in the west in the 1960s, the Buddhist practice of meditation was studied by scientists for its benefits to the brain and body in promoting relaxation, stress relief and general well-being. I have deep respect for the origins, histories and philosophies of this ancient practice, which I draw upon in my own practice for their richness of wisdom, however, I will take a secular approach with you. 

Compassion is at the root of my practice. Both Reiki and mindfulness will complement your self-care regimen. I will help you become the catalyst of your own transformational journey. With years of personal work, certifications and experience I can guide you towards achieving your wellness goals. 

White Sands

"That sweet night: a secret.
Nobody saw me;
I did not see a thing.
No other light, no other guide
Than the one burning in my heart."

John of the Cross, Dark Night of the Soul

(translation by Mirabai Starr)

Individual Services

Reiki Treatment
Gyan Mudra
Yoga Class

In-person Reiki

Experience relaxation and relief with a calming in-person Reiki treatment. 

Distance Reiki

Get the benefits of an in-person Reiki session but from a distance. Ideal if out-of-town and during Covid-19.

1-to-1 Mindfulness Coaching

Reframe your approach to life with a personalized mindfulness coaching session. 

Group Mindfulness Session

Ideal activity for team-building, social events and conferences. Rates vary based on group size and duration.

Ideal for educators, small to medium-sized organizations and large corporations, Resting Bell Wellness offers a range of mindfulness consulting options to suit your business needs. 



Fabio has combined his mindfulness meditation practice with the energy medicine of Reiki to create a mind-body approach to health, wellness, wellbeing and healing. Hearing his resonate voice alone is therapeutic and then there is so much more. I often sit in reflection with Fabio about the world we live in, and always come away feeling a lightness of being even with the most difficult of situations shared. He is a wisdom cultivator, a heart curator.

Dr. Michele Chaban MSW, RSW, PhD.

Founding and Former Director AMM-MIND,

University of Toronto, Canada

A compassionate soul, Fabio’s dedication to his craft shines through in his every interaction. I was struggling with a medical condition and through his [Distance Reiki] practice I was able to find relief.

M.P., Toronto, Canada

I am a woman in my early 40s who suffers from chronic trigeminal headaches....I thought that since now I was in so much pain... it would be a good time to try [Reiki] again. From a distance, Fabio was able to help me relax allowing my body to release some of the additional stressors that might have contributed to pain indirectly. Fabio was very thorough, kind, respectful and non-judgmental to all situations and discussions. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for help with pain, stress or just an outlet to feel great inside and out.

L.G., Oshawa, Canada

White Sands
Breathe. Bask. Be.

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